Articles in academic & policy journals:

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Shorter Federal Reserve policy articles:

Recent Data on Mortgage Forbearance: Borrower Uptake and Understanding of Lender Accommodations (with Tom Akana and Lauren Lambie-Hanson), Research Brief, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Consumer Finance Institute, 2021, March.

Why is the Share of Adjustable Rate Mortgages So Low? (with Emanuel Moench and Diego Aragon), Current Issues in Economics and Finance, 2010, 16(8).

New York Fed Liberty Street Economics blog, 20+ posts: link

 Book chapters and other publications:

Mortgage-Backed Securities (with Andreas Fuster and David Lucca). 2023. Research Handbook of Financial Markets, edited by Refet Gürkaynak and Jonathan Wright. [ungated working paper] [slides] 

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