Working papers

Current working papers:

Mortgage-Backed Securities (with Andreas Fuster and David Lucca). 2022. [slides] Prepared for the Research Handbook of Financial Markets, edited by Refet Gürkaynak and Jonathan Wright.

Intermediation Frictions in Debt Relief: Evidence from CARES Act Forbearance (with You Suk Kim, Donghoon Lee and Tess Scharlemann). 2022. [slides]

Defragmenting Markets: Evidence from Agency MBS (with Haoyang Liu and Zhaogang Song). 2022. [slides]

How Resilient is Mortgage Credit Supply? Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic (with Andreas Fuster, Aurel Hizmo, Lauren Lambie-Hanson and Paul Willen). 2021. [slides]

Does CFPB Oversight Crimp Credit? (with Andreas Fuster and Matthew Plosser). 2021. [slides]

Regulation and Risk Shuffling in Bank Securities Portfolios (with Andreas Fuster). 2018.

Resting working papers:

A Comparison of Libor to Other Measures of Bank Borrowing Costs (with Dennis Kuo and David Skeie). 2018.

Identifying Term Interbank Loans from Fedwire Payments Data (with Dennis Kuo, David Skeie and Thomas Youle). 2014.

A Sampling-Window Approach to Transactions-Based Libor Fixing (with Darrell Duffie and David Skeie). 2013.

MBS Ratings and the Mortgage Credit Boom (with Adam Ashcraft and Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham). 2010.

Forecasting When It Matters: Evidence from Semi-Arid India (with Xavier Giné and Robert Townsend). Available on request.

Banking Relationships and the Credit Cycle: Evidence from the Asian Financial Crisis, 2005.

The Efficient Market Hypothesis: A Survey (with Meredith Beechey and David Gruen), 2000.